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Pre-order 'Fun City' ... NOW!

While it's not out until September, as the album has a huge cast of amazing LGBTQ+ collaborators involved, I wanted to start the pre-order now, and start conversations about everyone involved and the story of the record in the months building up to release. SO!

Pre-order the album at the following link

It's available on Pink Vinyl, CD, Pink Cassette, Digital Download and a special limited edition super bundle of Yellow Vinyl, Yellow Cassette and bonus content, plus a range of Fun City merchandise!

Featuring guest performances by (in order of appearance) Brendan Maclean, Jake Shears, Andy Bell, Sam Sparro, CAVEBOY, Niki Harris, Donna De Lory, Initial Talk, KAYE, The Illustrious Blacks, Big Dipper, Mark Gatiss and Justin Vivian Bond... phew! Some of my absolute favourite LGBTQ+ artists and creatives!

I hope you like 'Sensation' which went public today and 'This Was My House'

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