MAKE ME BELIEVE IN HOPE turns 10 years old (!) on June 4th 2022. To celebrate there is a special 4xCD Edition (also a deluxe digital) with all the remixes, the original 2012 master, lots of unreleased songs and a special Extended Mixes version of the album!

CD 1 - Original 2012 Master

  1. Immature

  2. Feel It ft. Mykal Kilgore

  3. Love Part II

  4. Waiting For The Feeling

  5. Cry At Films ft. Del Marquis

  6. Moves

  7. Disco Moment

  8. A New Word To Say

  9. How To Make A Heart

  10. Debris

  11. Grace


CD2 - Unreleased Songs & Demos

  1. Man Like Me

  2. Why

  3. Lust

  4. As If

  5. Sleepy

  6. Cry At Films (solo voice version)

  7. Being Sentimental

  8. Blueprint

  9. Inside Out

  10. Same Dream

  11. Good Times

  12. This Is Me Without You

  13. Moves ft Ian "H" Watkins of Steps


CD3 - Remixes

  1. Love Part II (Louis La Roche Remix)

  2. Moves (Vinny Vero & Steve Miglioni Remix)

  3. WFTF (Vinny Vero & Steve Miglioni Remix)

  4. Feel It (Vinny Vero & Steve Miglioni Remix)

  5. A New Word To Say (James Yuill Remix)

  6. Love Part II (Pepptalk Remix)

  7. Feel It (K Klass Remix)

  8. WFTF (K Klass Remix)

  9. WFTF (Trouser Enthusiasts Remix)

  10. WFTF (Trouser Enthusiasts Remix - Radio Edit)

  11. Disco Moment (So Hard Version)

  12. Feel It (So Hard Dub Version)

  13. WFTF (So Hard Remix)

  14. Feel It (Single Version)


CD4 - Extended Mixes

  1. Immature (Extended Version)

  2. Feel It ft. Mykal Kilgore (Extended Version)

  3. Love Part II (Extended Version)

  4. Waiting For The Feeling (Extended Version)

  5. Cry At Films ft. Del Marquis (Extended Version)

  6. Moves (Extended Version)

  7. Disco Moment (Extended Version)

  8. A New Word To Say (Extended Version)

  9. How To Make A Heart (Extended Version)

  10. Debris (Extended Version)

  11. Grace (Extended Version)

I get lots of messages from remixers and creators asking about remixes and acapellas, so here we go - all the album acapellas are above! If you want to create a mashup, I'll share my favourites on my TikTok / YouTune channel!

If you create a remix, I'll pick my favourites for a streaming album release and will pay you for your work.