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featuring justin vivian bond

release for world aids day 2020 benefiting visual aids

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SAYING GOODBYE IS EXHAUSTING is a song written about the loss that has ravaged the LGBTQ+ community through time, the premature goodbyes that are such a part of the LGBTQ+ experience. A duet with the incredible Justin Vivian Bond, one of my favourite performers and NYC nightlife staples.

In order to do something hopeful and uplifting for World AIDS Day 2020, there is a special EP release of this song to raise money and awareness for Visual AIDS, an amazing organization based in NYC. Learn more about them here.

Tracklisting for Digital EP and Limited Edition Red Cassette Side A

1. Saying Goodbye Is Exhausting (Album Version)

2. Saying Goodbye Is Exhausting (YSKWN! Sad Dancefloor Version)

3. Forget The Stars (Non-Album Track)

4. Oh My Love (Non-Album Track)

5. Saying Goodbye Is Exhausting (Alternative Demo Version)

Tracklisting for Limited Edition Red Cassette Side B - piano compositions

1. Something In Your Eye

2. Afterthought

3. Trick Of The Light

4. New Friends

5. Goodbye, In December

6. Afternoon To Evening

7. Old Friends

** The piano compositions will be released as their own EP digitally later, but are an exclusive to the limited edition cassette at this time.


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