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I have AMAZING fans and I'm so excited to be working on album FOUR to bring to you all next year. Being an independent artist has been all kinds of wonderful, and I've had many golden opportunities, but recently many fans have asked how they can best support and be involved in #BLBL4 and here's a way, if you are able to, and if you would like to.

Right now, to fund #BLBL4 any donation that can help me fund the recording, production, visuals or most crucial -- the touring, which is an extreme cost -- is a Godsend. I've set up a Paypal link that anyone can donate (and I can't stress this enough) anything they are ABLE to spare to help support the process.


There are also some benchmark amounts so that I can reward donations with something I think you may find value in, especially from listening to things people have asked about over the years, but that won't cost me too much financially, so that the funds can be better used elsewhere. 


I've done a lot of charity fundraising over the last few years and have given % of my ticket and record sales to incredible organizations like ACLU, The Trevor Project, Elton John AIDS Foundation and many of the LocalGiving charities I act as ambassador for. I give what I can to projects being funded, charity fundraisers, marathons, personal projects WHEN I CAN and I know that sometimes, you just are not able to. But thank you, in advance, for helping in whatever way you are able. Rod xxx


$Any Amount

Whatever you can spare thank you so much x


Social Thank You

Shoutout on social media.

Include your @ !!

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Rare 7" Single

pre=BLBL Good Coat 7"

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Let The Music Play

Personal 1hr Spotify playlist of songs/artists that have inspired BLBL4


You've Got Mail!

Signed postcard with a lyric from a song from BLBL4!

Limited to 30.



Waxing Lyrical!

Signed handwritten lyrics to a song of mine you choose.

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New Song Lyrics!

Handwritten lyrics to a song from BLBL4. Limited to 20.


Unreleased Demos!

CDR of unreleased songs exclusive to the FUNdraiser


You're In Print!

Thanked as patron in the album's booklet. (+Applies to all donations over $200)


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Theme Tune!

I'll make you a short jingle for your podcast or



Private Concert

Choose 5 of my songs and I'll do a private online concert for you!


As Seen On Stage 2

Custom printed white / neon suit worn supporting Elton John across the UK.

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Your Song!

I'll write and record a song for you that nobody else will have.

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