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I'm very, very excited to be getting album 5 into the final stages of production and mixing after working on it for quite some time!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me fund and produce 'Fun City', you were so incredible and I could not have done it without you - it was absolutely overwhelming and so, so appreciated.

As an independent, the amount I can do is always limited by budgets, everyone knows this already.

Anything raised here will help finish off, or add more to album visuals, help pay for guest contributions, artwork, and eventually shows that will happen around the album, and help us get to a town or city closer to you!

Thank you in advance to absolutely anyone who is able to help in absolutely any way. Even if it's just streaming a spotify track, or sharing a video of mine with a friend. That's also invaluable! Rod xxx


$Any Amount

Whatever you can spare thank you so much x

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Social Thank You

Shoutout on social media.

Include your @ !!

Signed Polaroid
Buy via my ebay site

Song recording
A song recorded just for you: buy via my ebay page!

1 hour Spotify Playlist
+ signed postcard: mix of songs inspiring Album 5

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Handwritten Lyrics
to an unreleased song from the new album!

Demo CD
Unreleased demos for ultra fan collection. Limited to 20 copies.

Special T-Shirt
Fundraiser only design for T-Shirt. Via Paypal.

Test Pressing
Test pressing vinyl of album 5. Limited to 5!
via PayPal


Video Credits
Get your name as producer on the new Bright Light Bright Light video! 

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Personal composition
A piano piece written just for you and only sent to you +album credits

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Private Concert

Choose 5 of my songs and I'll do a private online concert for you!

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Your Song!

I'll write and record a song for you that nobody else will have.

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