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Life Is Easy - Meet The Team!

Like I always say, my music, and my world, is nothing without the people in it, so I'd like to introduce the team involved in making 'Life Is Easy' happen.

Jon Shave of 'The Invisible Men' - my long-standing writing partner who has been an amazing friend, an incredible support, and a wonderful co-writer and producer despite all the other projects taking his time. I couldn't have done this without him.

Ian Masterson - another great friend and very talented producer and writer. His Trouser Enthusiast remix wasn't enough to satisfy us working together, so we did 'An Open Heart'.

Del Marquis - a Scissor Sister and a real family in big old NYC. He sings and plays guitar on a few tracks on the record and humoured all the demos until the record was finished. A star.

Elton John - a legend, a close friend, a very generous man and someone with more of a finger on the pulse for a new artist than anyone I know. I'm overwhelmed, beyond words, ro have this man on my record on 'I Wish We Were Leaving'.

Bridget Barkan - unmatchable talent who can sing, dance, act, stage direct, visualise and collaborate like there's no tomorrow. One of the most talented and loyal people I could hope to meet.

Xavier Smith - as is Xavier. Adding so much fun, and height, to the live shows and a track on the record, his golden tones have really enriched the record and my life in NYC.

Sophie Galpin - while not playing drums in PINS, scoring strings, playing every instrument imaginable, and juggling all at once, she's my BFF and sings and adds strings to 'Life Is Easy'.

Milly Blue - you may have seen her singing live with me, or opening for me. She's cheeky, she's charming, and she has a voice to die for. Almost as powerful as her winning personality!

James Yuill - electronic genius and nicest man in music, he lends his voice to 'Everything I Ever Wanted' alongside making his wonderful music.

Joe Hearty - a true friend who took time out from being fabulous in East London to be part of the 'Everything I Ever Wanted' choir.

Paul West @ Form - visual master who's artworked some of my favourite records (Billie Ray Martin, Girls Aloud, Everything But The Girl, Natalie Imbruglia, Grace) helped me realise the artwork.

Alex Petch - a very talented young photographer based in London who is the photographer for all the BLBL imagery from 'Feel It' to now.

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