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Week 2: Missed The Top 10 (Part 2)

Unbelievably, these incredible, and incredibly famous songs ALSO MISSED the UK Top 10.

Madonna - Take A Bow (16)

- Spectacularly ending a long run of Top 10 singles, it was unbelievably one of her BIGGEST US #1 SINGLES that did it. I'll never understand how this stunning Babyface ballad missed Top 10. It's homophobic!

Whitney Houston - Step By Step (13)

- A song written by Annie Lennox and sung by Whitney Houston with stunning vocal delivery ... what could go wrong. Only the people of the UK, that's all.

Mariah Carey - Emotions (17)

- Seventeen are you JOKING. Are you REAL? This powerhouse vocal delivery with insane full pelt vocals AND WHISTLE NOTES didn't go Top TEN? No words. *whistles profanities at the sky*

Dream - He Loves You Not (17)

- Also peaking at #17 is this fantastic slice of pop akin to Christina Aquilera with those insane drum patterns. It features the iconic line "you can flut your pretty eyes" (flutter -> flut = wild genius). Sadly not enough for the UK to care enough to be kind.

Cathy Dennis - Too Many Walls (17)

- ALSO NUMBER 17. Granted: Cathy's voice isn't the most belting or powerful of any of the solo ladies kicking around in the 90s. However this ballad is gorgeous, her vocals are vulnerable and almost perfect. Plus she was colouring in her hair with felt tip pens! Give the woman another Top 10, UK!

Erasure - Chains Of Love (11)

- How the F*CK was this song not Top 10 for one of the UK's most successful, joyful and triumphant duos in history? This song is catchy beyond words and SHIP OF FOOLS HAD JUST REACHED #6. I MEAN WHAT WERE YOU ALL DOING?!

Saint Etienne - He's On The Phone (11)

- Probably the most sure that the label had ever been that yes, finally Saint Etienne would have a Top 10 smash with the Motiv 8 (tick) remix of a camp as hell song (tick) bizarrely featuring Etienne Daho (tick) at a time where the charts were camp, weird and LOVED a Motiv8 remix. NUMBER F*CKING ELEVEN HOW DARE YOU.

Wannadies You & Me Song (18)

- Stop for a second. Try to cope that the song EVERY SINGLE TEEN was singing after 'Romeo & Juliet' by Baz Luhrmann peaked at #18 in the charts. Disgraceful! It's an incredible song. Super twee, but utterly forgivable as this Scandinavian band proved in other moments like 'Hit' and 'Might Be Stars' that they can also punch and turn up the distortion. A gorgeous song that deserved more.

PSB - Being Boring (20)

- One of the PSB's most understated and beautiful moments released as a single. Admittedly it's not the sure-fire hit that 'So Hard' undoubtedly was and is, but it's a stunning song and at a point in time when the band had just had TEN consecutive Top 10 singles, this should not have been the one to break that chain.

Eternal - Crazy (15)

- OK, the song is not a classic. But I STAN this song. And it deserved to be Top 10 for these reasons: 1) It gave all the members their own solo moment which is the only time in Eternal History this was allowed so for God's sake it should have been encouraged. 2) Louise's "this is why!" announcement into the first verse. Amazing. 3) That "WOOOO!" is so forced I live for it. 4) It was ETERNAL. They deserved every single from that album to be Top 10. Even 'So Good'. Which I also STAN.


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