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Week 1: Missed The Top 10 (Part 1)

Unbelievably, these incredible, and incredibly famous songs MISSED the UK Top 10.

Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation (22 - like WTF)

- Not even TOP TWENTY (!!) for one of the most iconic songs of all time!! Unacceptable. That 'Black Cat' is the only top 15 single from 'Rhythm Nation' is utterly insane to me. And I imagine Janet is still furious to this day.

Girls Aloud - Untouchable (11)

- Ending their Top 10 run is truly one of the fan favourite songs. Girls Aloud fans still tweet about that to this day. As they should. How did that happen?

Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way (12)

- I'm really fucking sorry: this song and video are GLORIOUS and I fail to accept that this deserved to stall outside the Top 10. How DARE.

Deuce - Call It Love (11)

- Endlessly enjoyable pop song from cult, fabulous UK kitsch pop band Deuce. Only one of their songs went Top 10 and this one TRULY deserved a Top 10 placing. JX even remixed it for God's sake.

Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse (15)

- Fantastic single from 'Supernature' that probably only missed Top 10 as it was preceded by 'Number 1' which I think is one of their weakest singles, especially given the previous was 'Ooh La La' and they had THIS in the wings.

All Saint - Chick Fit (failed to chart)

- NOT EVEN TOP 40 for one of All Saints' strongest songs. I'm LIVID. I'm STILL LIVID. Quoted as due to being cancelled as a physical single, and rift between band and label, but still this track is so under-exposed and deserved to be a smash.

Pointer Sisters - Dare Me (17)

- Undeniably cool slice of power funk pop from one of music's strongest girl groups. They didn't fare well at all in the UK charts and this is one example of them being unjustly outside the Top 10. (#17!!)

Cranberries - Linger (14)

- Timeless song from one of Ireland's finest bands and voices. #14 hit for the band, just below the peak position of #13 achieved by multiple other Cranberries songs, but was adored by all.

Paula Cole - I Don't Want To Wait (43)

- Again stalled OUTSIDE Top 40 for the THEME FROM 'Dawson's Creek' ... WHAT. It blows my mind that 'Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?' came out of nowhere and went Top 15, and this which was EVERYWHERE did not. I love WHATCG by the way, and I'm glad this incredible artist got ONE song justly noted.

Pulp - This Is Hardore (12)

- I read that this song missing Top 10 gave Jarvis depression and I totally understand. It's a bond theme that never was, and is a masterpiece from the mind of a truly bonkers and original songwriter. MAJESTY.


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