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Live at Rockwood NYC - download

Thank you so much to everyone in NYC who came down to the first full live show since 2019 at Rockwood. A very intimate affair, it was just me and a piano, and my back catalogue! I know that not everyone is comfortable being at indoor shows yet, and not everyone lives within reach of NYC, so I made sure the set was recorded and is now up for download on my Bandcamp page. In the download you'll find:

Feel It

Running Back To You

I Used To Be Cool

Loving Me Like That

Arms Of Another

In Your Care

Cry At Films

Good At Goodbyes

I Am So Ordinary


Drowned World

Blood Moon

Saying Goodbye Is Exhausting

Next To You

Little Bit

I hope you enjoy it! And I hope I get to do some more full in person shows soon. I will be doing a set at DESERTOPIA in Palm Springs, for Palm Springs Pride on 7th November, but beyond that it's still TBC. x


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