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Stay - I Missed You! & The Pop-Up Video

Today, my version of Lisa Loeb's TIMELESS CLASSIC 'Stay (I Missed You)' is released on iTunes as part of the 'Cinematography II : Back In The Habit' EP. If you pre-order on iTunes, you get the track instantly, or you can buy it stand-alone.

You can also order the EP as a limited edition CD with fold-out poster!

Lisa's classic has influenced me in many ways. Its songwriting genius definitely inspired me when I was writing my first songs all those years ago. Its structure is very unique, for a huge international hit, as it has no real verse, chorus, middle 8 structure. It's a narrative that weaves through less than 3 minutes in a rather perfect way until its fairly devastating final section.

Aside from the superb writing, I remember the track SO VIVIDLY from Pop-Up Video, where its video is one of the most widely-remembered among my friends. And it inspired me to make my own for 'All In The Name'.

Learning that it was Ethan Hawke's cat in the video, how much her glasses actually cost, plus a super cool snapshot of New York in a very different era. The video was great, but the Pop-Up Video was even better. A real dream for all the kids growing up as angsty youngsters who had adopted her song as an anthem, but lived in worlds far away from New York City.

Here's my Pop-Up Video in homage to Lisa. And below it, my version of 'Stay (I Missed You)', which you can stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, or any other digital provider.

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