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Hello all

THANK YOU all for your orders, pre-orders and general support for all the Bright Light Bright Light music. I'm very excited to be sharing the new album with you very soon!

I had numerous messages from fans who wanted to buy items such as promos, CDRs for non physical releases, who had spotted them on ebay, and wondered if they could buy direct. Sadly I don't always have stock of the promos as they go straight to my team, however, people also mentioned that other materials STILL in stock on my website were selling on ebay.

'I Wish We Were Leaving' for example started at £19.99 saying it was "deleted" which is not true as there is still (admittedly scarce) stock left at so if you do wish to purchase the item, please don't pay the crazy amount on ebay!

The allocated direct store stock of 'Life Is Easy' pre-order on CD has sold out, as most stock has gone to distributer due to me physically not being able to post the CDs out while touring Europe, but you can still get for new on Amazon, which still brings revenue to the artist. Ebay does not. Please do not buy 'Life Is Easy' on Ebay, or 'I Wish We Were Leaving' on Ebay. These products are new and available on sites that will feed money back to the team who have worked very hard to bring them to life.

Sorry that I can't supply everything that people want, I really do try my very best to post things out to you with every spare minute that I have, as soon as I can, and to as many people as I can.

Thanks for all your support

Rod xx

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