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Ana Matronic + BLBL only want to please you

Just announced - the new September EP! As you know, on 'Choreography', Ana Matronic teams up with me on 'I Only Want To Please You', and the good news is, it's getting its own moment as a brand new EP lead track, with a video, b-sides and remix!

Order the limited edition CD for [USA & CANADA] or for [REST OF WORLD]

Or order digitally on iTunes, Bandcamp or your other preferred retailer!

The video is a loving remake of elements of the classic Lucio Fulci film 'Murderock'. Learn all about it here at the EP page!

Directed by myself, collaborating with Matthew Canada.

Choreographed by Joshua Weidenmiller and myself, interpolating original film choreography by Nadia Chiatti.

The EP also included our cover of 'West End Girls' by the Pet Shop Boys, instrumental track 'Transmission' which opens the music video, new track 'Call On You' a remix of 'West End Girls' and 12" Version of the title track.

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