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The calendar is live and the first door is open! Happy December and happy collecting! You have 24 hours to download each song each day!

This year there's a Virtual Advent Calendar every day of December 1st - 25th.

A commercially unreleased remix or mashup appears on the site HERE every day with 24 hours for you to download the file before it disappears. The originals (non mashups) will all appear on Spotify every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of December culminating in a brand new remix album 'In The Mix'.

Virtual Advent Calendar on

'In The Mix' advent playlist on Spotify

So ... Hallowe'en is over and Christmas is coming ... so time to get your Baubles orders in! :)

There's a store-wide sale on also, with lots of catalogue CDs and merchandise at discounted prices - perfect for a stocking filler ;)

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