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It is with great pride, and huge excitement, that I announce the second album 'Life Is Easy' out July 7th worldwide! (4th July in Germany, 8th July N. Americas).

So excited in fact, that I'm going to be keeping a blog! It's been a while since I've blogged, but the album really is about how I connected with the city of New York, and the amazing people I met in the year and a half of making it. What better then, than to keep a blog of its journey?

Follow my wonderful adventures as I travel parts of the world, meet even more people, share songs, versions of songs, special things for fans, and my favourite places along the way.

Rod x

So the big news for the year is - other than the release of 'Life Is Easy' - that I'll be touring with ELTON JOHN across the UK and Europe playing to thousands of people each night. HOW INCREDIBLE!!!

Here's 'I Wish We Were Leaving' - our duet. I am honoured, beyond words, to have this legend and good friend of mine on this song.

Buy the EP on iTunes now :


This album, 'Life Is Easy', is influenced so heavily by the place that I moved to, and the people that I met, that I thought sharing its journey in blog form would be the best way to celebrate the record's release.

I'm going to travelling across the UK and Europe, and parts of the US in the next few months playing to even more people that I've met. Especially when I open for SIR ELTON JOHN in many cities in June and July.

I couldn't be more excited to release this album and share the songs with you. I can't wait to see you on the road.

Rod x

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