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Hello everyone! Quick note that some live shows have been added!

APRIL 26 - Montreal - Theatre Fairmount (tickets)

MAY 22 - NYC - C'Mon Everybody BK - album launch party! (tickets)

JUNE 2 - London - Mighty Hoopla Festival (tickets)

JUNE 3 - Manchester - Night & Day Cafe (tickets)

JUNE 5 - London - Royal Vauxhall Tavern (tickets)

JUNE 6 - Neath - Gwyn Hall (tickets)

Thank you so much for all the excitement so far for 'Enjoy Youth'. I'm so excited to share this album with you in May and be able to play the new songs live.

You can pre-order all formats now: Pink and Lavender vinyl, Pink and Yellow CDs, an amazon exclusive Mint CD (UK) / (US) that is signed, Pink, Lavender, Yellow or Mint cassettes (webstore exclusive) plus some really fun merchandise to accompany the album (merchandise is webstore exclusive).

Full list of stores you can pre-order from are on the homepage!

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