BLBL x Alan Cumming x Romy & Michele

As you know, I'm a big Romy & Michele's High School Reunion fan. My friend, and insanely talented actor and singer ALAN CUMMING (who sings on 'Home' from 'Choreography') is in the film. AND he's just opened a new bar in NYC's East Village which is bringing crazy amounts of talent and joy into the neighbourhood. THIS SATURDAY I'll be taking my 'Romy & Michele's Saturday Afternoon Tea Dance' to the space for a special afternoon at 'Club Cumming', his great new bar. Come along! 3pm-8pm - FREE ENTRY - the Tea Dance mixes up disco, pop, soul, synthpop, film soundtracks, 12" versions, and goes from big hits to deep cuts. Past playlists can be found on the Tea Dance page on this site, and a Spotify

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