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In the run up to 'Life Is Easy' wouldn't it be nice to be up to date? You can do it with RuPau's Drag Race, Game Of Thrones, you can even catch up on TV! BUT NOW YOU CAN DO IT WITH MY MUSIC If you "like" the BLBL facebook page, you get 'Make Me Believe In Hope' for free as a thank you. Don't believe me? Try it! [click here] Enjoy xx

Life Is Easy - Meet The Team!

Like I always say, my music, and my world, is nothing without the people in it, so I'd like to introduce the team involved in making 'Life Is Easy' happen. Jon Shave of 'The Invisible Men' - my long-standing writing partner who has been an amazing friend, an incredible support, and a wonderful co-writer and producer despite all the other projects taking his time. I couldn't have done this without him. Ian Masterson - another great friend and very talented producer and writer. His Trouser Enthusiast remix wasn't enough to satisfy us working together, so we did 'An Open Heart'. Del Marquis - a Scissor Sister and a real family in big old NYC. He sings and plays guitar on a few tracks on the rec

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